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Compact cylinder rack for production lines

MODULO is a rack system with a modular design concept. It is made up of storage cubes with trays, each of which stores 5 cylinders for a total of 40 cylinders. A single unit of the MODULO-S has a footprint of only 16 m². The rack system arrives fully assembled at our customers site und only needs to be placed in its final position. MODULO can be individually extended. It is loaded by the automatic WEGA or GEMINI crane. The rack control is handled by the master control system of the production line.

Key features

  • Fully assembled block storage system allows storage of 40 cylinders (circumference up to max. 1,000 mm) up to 48 cylinders (circumference up to max. 800 mm) on a floor space of 16 m²; uses only 3 m of the length of the production line
  • Extendable by additional units
  • Loading of storage rack with existing systems WEGA or GEMINI
  • Special plastic supports for the cylinder face
  • Only one drive unit for all trays
  • Rack control by AUTOCON line
  • MODULO S 1410: Hollow cylinders up to 200 kg weight, face length 450 – 1400 mm, circumference 450 – 1000 mm
  • MODULO 1610: Hollow and shaft cylinders up to 500 kg weight, face length 450 – 1600 mm and up to 2350 mm total length, circumference 450 – 1000 mm


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