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INLINE cylinder rack

Essential for fully integrated buffer storage

The INLINE cylinder rack is a full-fledged storage rack, specially designed for AUTOCON-lines. It stands out with its functional design, high storage density, storage of different cylinder types, autonomous loading and integration into process automation.

Key features

  • Functional steelwork construction for robust rack design, expandable through modular design
  • Up to 5 cylinders per rack tower for high storage density
  • Max. cylinder weight 500 kg, max. cylinder length 2350 mm, cylinder circumference 450 – 1000 mm
  • Storage of very different cylinder types, for hollow and shaft cylinders
  • Storage on special plastic supports for the cylinder face
  • Retrieval unit (RBG) with lifting device, running on rails inside the rack
  • Servo drive for high acceleration and travel speed
  • Telescopes for cylinder lifting with safety features for collision avoidance and occupancy check
  • Direct handover to external trolleys, Shuttle Taurus Mini and WEGA or GEMINI
  • Rack control by AUTOCON line, changeover and target points can be individually optimized
  • Interfaces between rack control and master controllers and databases


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