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CORONA cylinder storage system

The optimal solution for storing cylinders and loading presses

It makes sense to store cylinders without a current job outside of the production area. The Bauer solution for separate storage of large cylinder quantities stands out thanks to its intensive use of space with very tightly packed cylinder storage. A rack control software solution based on an SQL server is available for fast and direct access to the required cylinders using sophisticated technology. Cylinders can be put into/removed from storage using a transport device or this can be done fully automatically from/to the press. The ideal solution for the customer can be developed based on a standard system and drawing on the experience from implementing numerous projects.

Key features

  • The retrieval unit travels above the rack, floor transportation routes remain accessible
  • Retrieval unit plus carrier for dynamic transport to target position
  • Modular rack construction made of cold-drawn steel or profiles
  • Unlimited multidimensional rack extension
  • Suitable for different shaft cylinder dimensions
  • Sophisticated telescopes enable double-position hook storage
  • ntelligent transport coordination allows dynamic operation of several retrieval units
  • Direct cylinder transfer to press carts, transport pallets or handover stations
  • Integration of cylinder washing machines
  • PC-based rack control
  • SQL server-based data management
  • Server-client-solution for decentralized cylinder management
  • Interfaces to existing customer ERP-systems
  • RFID technology for secure data entry

Product video

Retrieval unit

The individual solution for the cylinder handling of the retrieval unit for packaging cylinder racks, which is based on many implemented projects, can be adapted to customer-specific requirements.

Input/output units

For cylinder input and output, we offer various options for customer specific requirements:

  • Sequencer chain for handling individual cylinders (loading/unloading with manual crane)
  • Pickup from a cylinder trolley (customer-specific or made by printing machine manufacturer)
  • Transfer from pallet (placement of the pallet with forklift)
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