The benchmark for adaptability, precision and performance.

Thanks to its modular design, the crane is structured to meet almost any wishes and requirements. It is in every case highly accurate and fast for this purpose – even for heavy loads. Online integration into fully-automated lines provides an overall perfect solution.

The most important features:

  • Modular structure for a wide range of customization:

    • Adjustable load adapters at the traverse or fixed loading of cylinders of same length
    • Centerline or multi axis crane operation
    • Loading with stainless steel grippers or with prism holders
    • Travelling crane or over-head crane carriage
  • High transport speeds and precise positioning of loads due to highly-dynamic servo drive in conjunction with laser measurement
  • Formlocking movement of crane bridge by gear racks and pinions, load movements by chain
  • Safe operation in automated lines by operator protection scanner
  • Online interface integrated into PLC controls – ideal for operating fully-automated galvanic lines

PEGASUS compact is similar to PEGASUS – but for production halls with lower ceiling height:

  • Lower ceiling height due to use of cable winch instead of chain
  • Friction-locked individual drives instead of formlocking central drive