The storage system that fits the bill.

CORVUS is the solution that provides access to superior systems engineering: the simple, proven rack design and the robust retrieval unit are coordinated in order to combine exemplary functionality and cost-efficiency.

The main features:

  • Individual free-standing hook towers to enable standardised rack design
  • Retrieval unit which travels above the rack, like a cantilever crane on supports
  • One-dimensionally expandable
  • Multi-row storage up to the maximum track gauge of 15 m
  • Horizontal guide system on retrieval unit for carriers with prism holders
  • Storage of cylinders of same total length
  • Transfer to various storage levels
  • Handover to cranes, monorails, shuttles and cylinder carts
  • Direct transfer to external devices
  • Integration of cylinder washing equipment available
  • Simple maintenance access at ground level
  • Rack control, server-client solutions, database and interfaces, such as CORONA