Product-Animation: Cylinder storage rack CORONA Packaging

The CORONA system is impressive in every respect: on the one hand it provides very good storage solutions even under difficult space conditions. On the other hand, rapid retrieval times are possible even with high storage density. An example of top customer value.

Product Film: CORONA Packaging

The main features:

  • One part of the rack e.g. on the ground floor, another in the basement
  • Retrieval unit travels above the steel storage towers
  • One-dimensionally expandable
  • Multi-row storage up to the maximum track gauge of 18 m
  • Installation of drive-through passages possible
  • A lift on a stationary pair of rails running through each tower
  • Storage of cylinders with a restricted range of types
  • Storage of 1 or 2 cylinders per pair of hooks for high and very high storage density
  • Telescopes used as lifting equipment with safety features for collision avoidance and occupancy
  • Transfer in various storage levels
  • Handover to cranes, monorails, shuttles and cylinder carts
  • Direct load transfer to external devices
  • Integration of cylinder washing equipment
  • PC or PLC based rack control
  • Server-client solution for decentralised cylinder management and disposal available
  • Data management on the basis of SQL database
  • Interfaces between rack control and master controllers and databases