Unique storage system with high storage density and rapid retrieval times.

The main features:

  • A retrieval unit (RFZ) installed in front of the rack for horizontal movement from tower to tower with a built-in lift for vertical movement
  • Thanks to simultaneous horizontal and vertical movement, fast drive-in and rapid retrieval times
  • Scalable retrieval times through several independent retrieval units
  • Unlimited multi-dimensional expansion of storage
  • Dimensioning for any number of cylinder widths
  • Storage of 1 or 2 cylinders per pair of hooks for high and very high-storage density
  • Telescopes as lifting equipment with safety features for collision avoidance and occupancy
  • Loading stations on each storage level
  • Handover to crane, monorail, shuttle and cylinder trolleys
  • Direct load transfer to external aggregates available
  • Rack control, server-client solutions, database and interfaces, such as CORONA

CENTAURUS like CETUS – but with even shorter retrieval times and/or storage entry:

  • A retrieval unit for each individual aisle