High performance, especially for printing presses.

AGILA has been designed specifically for the fully-automated supply of printing presses with cylinders in centreline operation. Individual solutions, such as spreader beams can be integrated as modules. This crane has all the advantages of PEGASUS and is at the top of its class.

Shuttle TAURUS
The self-guided vehicle that automatically finds its target.

The TAURUS shuttle is the turnkey solution when printing cylinders are to be moved safely on rails directly between galvanic lines, cylinder storage and press room. Despite high flexibility, it achieves seamless integration into the process flow – an example of successful logistics.

The most important features:

  • Rail-connected – therefore defined routes
  • Driverless for high efficiency
  • Automatic operation through radio remote control
  • Flexible deployment thanks to battery power
  • Loading and unloading by crane, monorail or retrieval unit
  • Safe operation by operator protection scanner
  • Upon request, with auto-load device for autonomous loading and unloading at storage locations