Business Activities

Our service is as good as our technology.

Bauer Logistik-Systeme provides its customers substantial benefits and high efficiency. Therefore, our service policy covers the entire life cycle of installed equipment and systems. The range of services is flexible and can be tailored to suit individual requirements.

Teamwork you can rely on is our primary objective.

Right from the start, every Bauer Logistik-Systeme project is based on a teamwork approach designed to win the customer´s trust – each step of the way. Even the appraisal phase is characterized by a sincere interest in the customer´s true requirements. For as we know, solutions are only as good as the pragmatic thinking they evolve from. No wonder we emphasize openness. It enables us to remain flexible at all times. All decisions are based on verifiable data and a technically and economically meaningful implementation process.

The right support right from the start.

Thanks to the instructions, schooling, and training we provide, you can expect continuous and optimal use of the Bauer Logistik-Systeme products. After all, your employees will be well-informed and fully prepared to ensure the system´s safe, efficient operation. And where the training takes place is up to you – either at our facility or your own.

At your service.

Customers are always on the safe side with products from Bauer Logistik-Systeme. This is because the quality of our maintenance, spare parts and repair services are second to none. This also applies to the quality of our original components and the competence of our staff. After all, isn´t this what you expect from an organization that keeps risks at a minimum by properly responding to your each and every service request?

Don´t hesitate to call.

It pays to stay in touch with Bauer Logistik-Systeme. There are always system upgrades – such as improved work processes, new machinery and equipment, or an even stronger IT integration – that are likely to be of interest to you and your business.